Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Nokia E65 - Best phone I've ever owned.

About 8 months ago, i saw the E65 first advertised, i thought it was a nice looking phone. It was one of the few nice looking phones available on the 3 UK network.

At the time i had a Sony Ericsson k800i and was really happy with it.

But being the impulsive buyer that i was, i bought one on ebay which was customised to the 3 network. This allowed me to retain all the 3 settings without having to re-configure the phone.

Anyway .. To cut a long story short, it's one of the best phones i have ever owned. My current line rental is £15, which i get 500 minutes of talk time with. I add on another £5 a month for the X-series silver bundle which gives me unlimited data.

Here are a list of must have applications to use with your Symbian based E65

- Opera Mini 4 - What a browsing experience on small screens!
- Fring - Combines MSN messenger, SkypeOUT, Google Talk, AIM .. etc. Supports SIP VOIP
- Google Maps - Brilliant for finding your way around town. Download from Google.
- Vyke - Send sms's worldwide for 1p. Download the vyke lite application. www.vyke.com
- Google Mail - A java application that acts as an email client. Download from Google.

If you have a laptop, you can use the E65 as a broadband modem on the move. Just use the data cable and the bundled Nokia software. Mobile internet plans are currently selling for £20 a month ... I get mine for free!

If cable is not your thing, or if you have a PDA, you can use your E65 as a bluetooth modem. Just set up the pda/pc to use the 'dial-up netoworking' service on the E65, and configure it to dial *99# . User name as 'guest' password not required.

I updated the firmware recently to version 2. Overall stability has improved. Battery life reporting is also more accurate.

I don't see myself changing phones anytime soon....